Some kids are easy to buy for because they know what they want, but you might be the uncle turning up at Christmas lunch, or perhaps your own kids are looking for a surprise – we’re here for you.

Now as part of our perfectly reasonable Christmas Gift Ideas approach in 2023, most of these are around $100 or less, but no matter what you spend, we reckon the kids will love it!

Here are all our Gift Guides for 2023 – find something for anyone in your life right here at EFTM:

JBL Headphones

Here’s the great thing about these headphones from JBL – in this case the WAVE range – there are three sets to choose from, all of them are priced at $79.95 and all of them have great JBL sound, excellent battery life around 8Hours plus another 24 in the case.

But you can get the set that your kids will love. Are they more a bud style headphone user?

Or do they like the stalk?

With the stalk do they like the silicon tip, or just the bud and stalk direct in the ear.

All three varieties are available, all the same price. Great gift idea.

Belkin Headphones

Belkin’s entry into the audio space has escalated over the last year or so, and these new “Soundform Bolt” headphones are a great option for the kids under $50 because they are stylish, great sound and come in colours you might not normally see.

I’d recommend these for kids 12+, anyone younger you should look for a specific kids headphone with volume limitations built in.

Instax Pal Digital Camera

Now here’s a product the kids will LOVE – its $128 and it’s tiny!

The Instax Pal Digital Camera is just that, a digital camera – but it has no screen, so it uses your own judgement to line up, but it’s small enough to use for selfies with mates, or for snaps at any time.

Memory inside for 50 images, or put an SD card in.

Of course you can then pair it with an Instax printer to print the pix, or perhaps download the photos to share on social media.

Backyard Cricket Set

Low-tech gift ideas are easy to find at Rebel, and coming into Cricket season this is a great one for the active kids who love the BBL

Just $79.99 – but Rebel do that whole join our member program for better prices, so if the price is your email on their database, then you can get it for $49.99.

CONNECT AmbiColour Smart Light Bars

The kids LOVE having cool coloured lights in their room.

They see it on Live streamers and YouTubers, but let’s all be honest, the big brands like Nanoleaf – while they are outstanding quality and performance, are out of reach for the kids room or anything on scale.

Enter the team at Laser and their Connect SmartHome range of products. They’ve got a heap of AmbiColour options like Triangles but also these light bars which connect together to make shapes.

Just $149 – perfect gift for kids!

Your first smartphone

If your kids are heading into High School next year, or have reached the age your family decides is smartphone eligibility – then you need to find their first phone.

No better look on a child’s face than unwrapping their first smartphone!

We’ve got two options for you under $200.

The Motorola G14 is $195 at Big W or Officeworks

The G14 has a 6.5 inch screen, great speakers, big battery for all day use and the camera even does up-close macro shots, and it’s safe from basic spills and splashes.

Another option is the Oppo A57s in a prepaid bundle at Big W including a Konec $25 SIM card for 30 days access.

A great design, sleek look, great camera and decent battery with fast-charging. It is locked to Konec for 12 months – just so you know!