Mums are hard to buy for – I mean how do you show your love and respect and thanks for all the things they do for us (Husband’s included) with just a gift? Well, it’s not easy. She’s probably left you a long line of hints, or even sent you direct links. But if you’ve ignored all that – let’s throw you some ideas that might help.

All care and no responsibility though – if you don’t know your wife or mum well enough to know if these are going to get you sent to the dog house, that’s not on us!

Here are all our Gift Guides for 2023 – find something for anyone in your life right here at EFTM:

Cricut Crafting

If your wife or mum hasn’t seen or used a Cricut then this will be a game changer as it has been in our home.

The Cricut (Pronounced like the Sport Cricket) is a smart cutting machine. You load in some special vinyl and send it a design from your tablet or laptop and it cuts it out.

You can then stick it on something or iron it on (different types of vinyl) to make it personalised.

From shirts, to drink bottles, keyrings to containers – the possibilities are endless.

Plus, you can make cards for gift giving time. Mum will LOVE this. There are several machines, starting with the compact JOY which you can find at Harvey Norman and other places like Spotlight or Officeworks.

Oh and if mum has a Cricut, there’s endless accessories and things you could get her.

KitchenAid Mixer

Don’t get all woke grumpy at me here, but some mums just love to cook and bake, so upgrade the gear with a brand new KitchenAid mixer.

Again, not cheap, but a real statement piece in the kitchen. The range of colours make it a thing you can match, not just mix – plus, if Mum already has a KitchenAid consider the attachments like the Pasta Maker or Meat Grinder

Importantly, know your audience folks:)

Meta Quest 3

You didn’t think of getting her a VR headset did you? It’s not cheap, but the $799.99 Meta Quest 3 is a great option.

This is genuine mixed reality too, with a view to the room you’re in as well as the app or game you’re in.

Great for art and design, games, or even fitness.

Don’t buy this unless she’s expressed an interest in it!

Lego Succulents

Everyone loves Lego! Perhaps mum too!

Now my wife wouldn’t want this, but if your wife or mum were ever going to consider lego the flowers and beautiful sets they have might be the one.

For under $100, KMart has the Succulents which are a small and easy build even for a first timer.

Portable Power

Mum on-the-go is going to burn through her phone battery and her tablet too – so having a portable battery means you’re always able to top it up.

Just over 600grams this is a cracker option from Anker, with a display for all you need to know about the status, and output, plus it’s got enough juice inside and power capability to charge your laptop!

Then there’s this sleek option for Mums who have an iPhone 12, 13, 14 or 15 – it’s a MagSafe battery so the phone just clips on magnetically, it has 5,000mAh of charge, enough for a full charge and a bit, plus a little kick stand!

That means the phone can sit upright or sideways on a desk so you can still watch videos or see your emails while you work – or while you cook have the phone playing your favourite TV show on the bench.

Just $69.95 at JB’s

JBL Headphones

Doesn’t matter if it’s for music, podcasts, or just scrolling through the gram – headphones are a game changer.

JBL offers premium sound, great battery life – and noise cancelling too.

These Live Free 2 True Wireless earbuds come in a rose/pink colour, and are just $128!

Nokia Flip Phone

Mum probably has a great smartphone, but does she get frustrated with all the emails and messages on the weekend? Consider a digital detox with the Nokia 2660 Flip Phone

Made for the modern networks, with 4G connectivity, the 2660 still has basic functions, a camera, even Facebook – but all those other apps aren’t anywhere to be seen

Take your SIM card out of the smartphone for the weekend, or the holidays, or leave it behind forever! Mum will love this retro flip-phone.