2023 could easily be remembered as the year of the big-screen because when we look back at the evolution of TV sizes there was a real ramp up in 65 inch TVs around five years ago, then we pushed past 75 and into 85 just a couple of years back – but in 2023 it all went much, much bigger.

This year there are 98 inch TVs from several brands, and they are epic. But you know full well where we’re going with this one.

Yep, the Hisense U7KAU 100 Inch TV!

This TV launched at $6,999 and we saw it as low as under $5,000 during Black Friday. But even at $7k it’s by far the single best bang-for-your-buck TV you can buy.

And speaking as someone who has one on the wall at home, I’ve gotta tell you it doesn’t disappoint. My kids I think are sick of hearing me say “damn that’s a great looking TV” when we watch something new. Last night the kids were playing 4 people on Nintendo Switch, which, for reference, gives them each a 50 inch TV in a split-screen format – a 50 inch screen each!

We had to create this award for an Epic TV! The EFTM BEST Award for the BEST BIG SCREEN in 2023 and it’s the Hisense U7KAU, no question.