There are a stack of laptops to choose from out there, and frankly all of them are credible in their respective positions in the market.

I’ve had callers on the EFTM Podcast ask for laptops under $1,000 and over $3,000 – everyone is different, but the other thing that matters is how vastly different each of our own use-cases are.  Are you using it for word processing?  Are you doing advanced video editing?

If we were to therefore look at an all-rounder here, then frankly the addition of a 15 inch to the Apple MacBook Air lineup is impossible to overlook.

I used this device for several months and pushed it with video editing and spreadsheets.  Of course if Video is the primary use then you’d go MacBook Pro, or push to a windows machine packing serious processing power, but I do think that it’s hard to go past the MacBook Air, especially now with the Apple M2 chip inside.

Size matters, and when you put 15 inch PC laptops against the Apple MacBook Air 15 it is very hard not to take the Apple.

Apple’s MacBook Air 15 takes the 2023 EFTM BEST award for BEST LAPTOP