Imagine you’re an in-demand Hollywood stunt man.  There’s a whole range of things you’ll be asked to do – drive fast, crash cars, fall of buildings onto trampolines and the like.  Well – what would you say if someone asked you to backflip over a moving race car?

Let’s be clear, that means standing on a race track, with your back to a car that’s an electric sports car (i.e.: QUIET) and wait for it to almost hit you in your ankles then jump up do a backflip and land after the car passed under you.

That’s insane!

Not for Damien Walters – he’s jumped a Formula E car driven by fellow stunt driver Alistair Whitton at 100 kph.

Here’s the main video – showing the warm ups and the final jump:

But it gets better – here’s another brilliant 360 degree experience – check out this one.
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Use your mouse to look around – that’s the kinda video that will put any conspiracy theories to bed if you doubt he really did it!!