Recently the NBN overhauled their regional Satellite plans to include a new Premium offering which at it’s core offered faster speeds and uncapped data, releasing the shackles and limitations of the original SkyMuster plans.

Today, the NBN has announced those shackles are also being removed for people who want more affordable options.

New Sky Muster Plus Premium plans for the entry and mid level tiers are now being made available to retail internet providers.

The Mid-Tier plan offers speeds around 50mbps down and 4Mbps up, with likely peak period speeds of 31Mbps, while the entry tier offers 25/5 with peak performance estimated at 16Mbps.

These uncapped data plans do have some shaping potential to reduce speeds at peak times, or restrict the use of cloud syncing and such, but at their core, this is about making more user friendly, and 2024 friendly internet plans available to the most regional and rural customers.

Gavin Williams, nbn Chief Development Officer, Regional and Remote, said “We are committed to upgrading the nbn network right across Australia – and we know how important our satellite network is to many people living in regional areas. We are always looking to improve nbn Sky Muster services so that we can offer a suite of accessible broadband solutions to customers in remote and hard-to-reach locations. 

“Customers on the legacy Premium plan have been enjoying an average of at least four times more data on a monthly basis than those on metered nbn Sky Muster plans, so it’s exciting to now be able to offer even more affordable options for uncapped data usage plans .* 

“As no new nbn installation or equipment is needed for those who want to upgrade their existing nbn satellite service, nbn Sky Muster customers who make the switch today will be able to start the new year without the worry of monthly data limits.” 

And the best part of all, the equipment stays the same, so if you’re a SkyMuster customer already, you can just change your plan! Boom!