Connecting your mobile to the network is getting easier for TPG and iiNet customers today with the launch of eSIM capability.

The option for TPG and iiNet customers to use an eSIM is available to both new and existing postpaid plan customers with a compatible device,  with the process taking just a few minutes says TPG. Customers will simply need to activate or SIM swap to a new eSIM by scanning a QR code available on both the iiNet and TPG support pages.

The ability to quickly change SIM cards, or switch networks in an outage – something the November 8th Optus outage brought to light – is hugely beneficial to customers, as is the convenience of not losing track of a small plastic SIM card if you need to swap devices regularly.

TPG is just the latest in a slew of Australian Telcos offering eSIM support, with all three major carriers offering eSIM support, while MVNOs including Amaysim, Kogan and Lebara also offering eSIM to their customers, with other MVNO’s including Boost Mobile still planning support in the future.

If you’re an iiNet or TPG Customer and want to try out eSIM on your compatible device, you can head over to the TPG or iiNet support pages.