Hisense has a strong foot in a couple of camps when it comes to impressive TVs, firstly their Laser TV range offering people a large, in fact massive screen and new ways of placing their content, or the almost mega lineup of models in the traditional Hisense TV range which this year grows stronger with a focus yet again on Mini LED backlighting technology.

And it’s all getting bigger. We saw the 300 inch option for the new C1 Laser TV yesterday, and today, Hisense announces a 110 inch model TV in the 2024 lineup.

It isn’t unfair to say the 2024 range is about incremental improvement over revolution, with improvements from brightness levels, user interface and even stand design – but they’ve also made a little tweak to their remote for the premium models – now featuring a solar panel for charging.

While this is not new, Samsung did this in 2021, there’s an important design difference. Hisense has the Solar panel on the top of the remote, so it’s getting light when it’s in it’s usual placement on your coffee table and doesn’t need to be turned over. It’s simple things like this that make all the difference.

Additionally, IMAX Enhanced Certification is expanded across a far wider range, something previously only on the U8 series and above.

Hisense are launching a new slogan “Just Makes Sense” and it fits with the way they operate. It makes sense to focus hard on a major technology like Mini LED, and it makes sense to innovate in the User experience and also to simplify their model lineup.

Most of all, it makes sense to go big – because that’s what consumers are asking for.

Each year, we commit to delivering greater value to our customers through our advanced, premium technologies. With our elevated ULED benchmark, this year’s range gives customers confidence that they are buying technology that is at the height of innovation in home entertainment,” said Gideon Lui, Head of Marketing, Hisense ANZ.

“The 2024 Hisense Mini-LED TV range delivers a vivid viewing experience, even in the sunlit and airy living spaces of Australian homes. With impressive brightness and clarity, along with an expansive suite of features, owners of our new and premium range will enjoy Hisense’s best Mini-LED TV viewing experience yet,” continued Lui.

At the very top of the lineup is the UXAU, now coming in a 65 and 110 inch models to offer the most premium Hisense experience at larger and smaller sizes (yes, 65 inches is smaller).

The UXAU features what Hisense calls Mini-LED X which is basically a bucket-load more backlights and dimming zones for a better picture and contrast

One step down the range the U8 is also Mini LED and will come in 55 inches up to 85 inches, and has a nice new look for this year with upward firing speakers and a built-in subwoofer.

Dimming zones are increased to over 1,000 from 500+ for the U8, along with a peak brightness jumping from 1300 to 2000.

The final premium ULED is the U7 Series, offered from 55 to 100 inches, the model gets triple the dimming zones.

There’s also a U6 model which offers Mini LED at a more affordable level, along with a wide range of standard 4K UHD TVs for an absolutely enormous complete lineup which we’ll see in the coming months when prices are announced in Australia.

With an equal focus on quality and value, Hisense are also introducing a new 100 inch model the Q7NAU which will feature 144hz QLED screen with full array backlighting, for the price conscious to hit that go big or go home theme. We can’t wait to see how that is priced!

“Our commitment to innovation drives us to continually redefine industry standards. The 2024 range demonstrates our dedication to delivering unmatched home entertainment experiences. With advancements in Mini-LED technology and offering the opportunity for our customers to go even bigger, we’re thrilled to bring a new level of immersive entertainment to Australian homes at attainable prices,” Lui said.

Full range will feature the UXAU, U8NAU, U7NAU and U6NAU, as well as the Q7NAU, Q6NAU and A4NAU, sizes and prices will come in the months ahead for Australia.

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