Australia is swimming nation and this product released by Holoswim could be very appealing to those swimmers looking for metrics as they swim. Holoswim is a tech brand focussed on making AR smart swimming goggles.

These high-tech goggles offer real-time tracking of your swim style and analyse your strokes. Whether you’re doing breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly or backstroke, these goggles assess your strokes with 99% accuracy.

I had the opportunity to try these goggles on and while I didn’t wear them in the water, I found them pretty comfortable to wear. Their design is clear, lightweight, and safe. Connecting wirelessly to your device, they boast a long-lasting battery, providing 4-5 hours of use on a single charge.

Holoswim’s AR goggles are sure to make your swimming sessions more enjoyable. We were so impressed by the Holoswim’s AR Goggles, we awarded them an “EFTM Editor’s Choice” Award at CES2024.

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