Would you be prepared to pay for the ability to skip the porta-loo queue, while simultaneously enjoying a luxury bathroom experience?

This week at CES, I came across a new product that I think is fantastic. We’ve all been at major events such as music festivals, concerts and sporting events when nature calls. The only option is to join the long queue for the porta-loos but you’re looking for a better experience. Looie transforms the traditional porta-loo experience into a convenient and luxury sanctuary. 

Looie is redefining the public event experience by offering their opulent, temperature controlled, and exquisitely designed portable bathrooms. No more cramped, dingy porta-loos or public bathrooms, Looie allows users to enjoy complete spaciousness and cleanliness that’ll make you feel like royalty.

Looie is all about pampering it’s Very Important Pee’ers (VIPee’s). With free feminine care products available and baby change tables in place, everyone is thought and cared for by Looie. The most important feature of the Looie is the guarantee of pristine cleanliness. This isn’t a self-cleaning bathroom like we’ve seen before, rather regularly cleaned by an attendant. I can see the potential for a self-cleaning option at some stage. 

Looie is providing a luxury and visually appealing experience for users. Access to Looie is made possible by downloading the app and subscribing to their services. 

I can see a lot of potential with this product that could revolutionise large public events. 

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