It wouldn’t be CES without a flying concept car. This year, the XPENG AEROHT Low-Altitude Air Mobility Explorer is demanding the attention of George Jetson fans everywhere. 

You may not have heard of XPENG but this is the great thing about CES – we get to see the brands behind the brands. XPENG is exactly this type of brand. Engineers at heart, the team at XPENG are at the pointy end of behind-the-scenes electric vehicle manufacturing. XPENG are using CES 2024 and the flying car concept to show us what they think the future of cars might look like. 

Available in either a sporty coupe with a profile reminiscent of a stretched Bugatti Chiron or a six wheel drive off-roader (that is a blatant rip off of Tesla’s Cybertruck), the XPENG AEROHT is structured into two key components – a ground module and an air module. Think less James Bond style flying Aston Martin and more Hilux ute with a drone on the tray. 

Details of exactly how it works are limited but is basically a regular car carrying an enormous drone. This might sound strange, but in the case of the XPENG AEROHT it is beautifully and fully integrated.

The realities of personal drone transport are tricky to get your head around. Ultimately, I really doubt the flying car concept will ever get off the ground, literally! Instead, enjoy it for what it is – an engineering showcase.

As a concept, it is a lot of fun. As a way to showcase advanced engineering, it is brilliant. As a way to travel around, forget it. It’s never going to happen!

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