At CES, HTC have unveiled their latest innovation in Virtual Reality with the VIVE Full Face Tracker, a new accessory for the Vive XR Elite announced at CES last year. 

Priced at $339 AUD, the tracker will attach to your XR Elite headset and connect using USB-C, capturing your facial movements. There are three cameras on board,  tracking lips, teeth, tongue, cheeks, nose, and chin at a 60 Hz, with eye movement captured at up to 120Hz.

The intent for the face tracker is for generating more realistic avatars in virtual space, and helping developers create more realistic avatars says Shen Ye, Global Head of Product at HTC VIVE. 

“This is great for everything from having more natural and realistic avatars, through to helping animators, researchers, training scenarios, healthcare and so much more. In the past we’ve also seen amazing ways to use eye and face tracking as inputs for games and other experiences. We’ve built this using our VIVE Wave platform, with support for OpenXR too, so developing for it is really easy. Because of this, anything built for the VIVE Focus 3’s eye and face tracking will work with the new VIVE Full Face Tracker.”

If you’re looking to improve your virtual avatar, an animation or have another idea, you can order the Vive Full Face Tracker from the HTC Vive website now. 

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