There’s a real trend at the moment to make the most of our devices at all times, and also break down the barriers between them. With that, Lenovo and Motorola have announced here at Mobile World Congress a new software feature called Smart Connect which unifies your Windows and Android experience into one.

Smart Connect is going to be built into new Motorola Smartphones so that Windows Devices or other Tablets can operate as a single unified desktop.

For Apple Mac and iOS device users this is the same as Apple’s continuity feature, however that relies on you owning multiple Apple Devices.

In the Motorola Smart Connect world, you could have a Dell Laptop and a Motorola Smartphone and sit the phone to the side of your laptop screen and move the mouse across to the phone and type on an app in your phone.

Likewise, from your phone you can swipe up and move an app across to your Windows PC.

It works really fast, seamlessly and was very impressive when I tried it out here in Barcelona.

Here are all the features listed by Motorola of the new Smart Connect:

  • Cross control: Navigate between your PC, tablet, and phone using a single keyboard and mouse, ensuring smooth cursor movement for a seamless control experience. This creates a streamlined experience across your device ecosystem, giving you the power to edit a document on your Lenovo PC, pull in content from your tablet and meet with your colleagues via smartphone at the same time.
  • Swipe to stream: Transition app activities across devices with a simple swipe. Watch a video on a tablet and pick up where you left off on your PC, or listen to a podcast on your Motorola smartphone while jogging and continue listening on another device back at home. With just one swipe, you can maintain continuous playback without interruptions.
  • Notification sync: Stay up to date with messages and notifications across all devices without having to switch between them or interrupt your flow.
  • Share hub: Effortlessly share files and media across compatible devices even those with different operating systems, to streamline tasks such as making travel plans or capturing research notes. With Share hub, students and creators have the ability to access and share large files across connected devices without taking up tons of storage. Whether it’s editing the latest viral TikTok dance on your PC or sharing group project files, share hub makes this process simple and storage efficient.
  • Smart clipboard: Eliminate the need to email or use a messaging service to copy and images to another device by copying and pasting text or images across phones, PCs, or tablets as if working on a single device.
  • Instant hotspot: Transform your phone into a hotspot for instantaneous and protected internet connectivity for your tablet or PC without the hassle of password entry.
  • Webcam: Take advantage of high-resolution cameras and turn your smartphone into a webcam for video calls or livestreams, enhancing remote work presence. Users can also maximise video calls from their phone by moving them to a big screen TV.
  • More space to work and play: Amplify everything a Motorola device is capable of. With just your phone, you can stream videos, play games or launch a mobile desktop on a smart TV. Smart Connect will introduce new experiences and possibilities for users and will be available on any Lenovo PC running on Windows 10 or later through the Microsoft store, and on select Lenovo tablets and Motorola devices through the