Australians are interested in AI like never before with Google searches for things AI-related currently spiking and at an all-time high.

Google Trends data shows that search interest in AI has increased by 50 percent in the past 12 months with Aussies looking to not only use AI to be creative but also on the impact of AI and the careers it will affect. Not only that but globally the interest in AI has grown 580 percent in the past two years.

The data shows that the bulk of the searches Aussies made are for ways to make things with AI and to best use it to further their careers, work and personal hobbies. Globally though, “What is AI?” is the top questions — as it should be.

Everyone wants to make AI art of their pets of course along with using AI to edit their own photos and more. Others are looking to make more money using AI with business-related searches based on AI certifications, marketing, and which industries will be ruined by AI.

Top “how to” questions in Australia

  1. How to make AI art?
  2. How to change AI detection?
  3. How to use prompts properly to get accurate AI images?
  4. How to make AI comics?
  5. How to use AI to make money?

Top searched AI tools (non-brand specific)

  1. AI image generator
  2. AI art generator
  3. AI detector
  4. AI voice generator
  5. AI logo generator
  6. AI writer
  7. AI photo editor
  8. AI music
  9. AI assistant
  10. AI video generator

These trends show that Aussies are extremely interested in using AI to further their careers along with creating art in various forms. Mel Silva, Managing Director of Google Australia and New Zealand, says the trend is reveals a keen interest in AI as people turn to Search to answer endless questions about AI and better understand the opportunities and challenges it presents.

“Australians are fascinated by AI and are looking for opportunities to learn new skills, boost their creativity and figure out how they can embrace the technology to further their businesses and careers,” Ms Silva said.

AI is new to a lot of people and is moving quickly into our world in all forms so it is best we do learn about it, how it works and its benefits and detractions. Hopefully Terminator will not become a reality.