Overnight Dell launched its new Ultrasharp Webcam, “the world’s most intelligent 4K webcam in its class”. While it would have been great to have this 12 months ago it seems that online meetings and greetings are here to stay for a while. As such this new webcam signals a change in the use of webcams as it can not only be used for business meetings but also important events such as baby showers and weddings when travel and attendance is limited.

The Dell Ultrasharp Webcam is designed to produce the best image quality in its class of 4K webcams and produce premium video quality in all lighting conditions. Inside the webcam houses a large 4K Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor and multi-element lens to capture more light. The colours are also enhanced using Digital Overlap HDR with video noise reduction further improving image quality.

The Ultrasharp Webcam not only produces great quality video but also uses a new AI-powered Auto-framing technique where the video follows you around and zooms to keep you in focus and centred in the video. The FOV can be customised to either 65°, 78° or 90° with up to 5x digital zoom possible.

Windows Hello is also featured in the webcam allowing you to sign in quickly and securely using facial recognition. Dell have also included their Dell Express Sign-in feature that works with Dell PCs to detect your presence as you approach the PC using proximity sensors to log you in securely. For privacy, Dell have also included a magnetic privacy cover that snaps onto the lens.

Mounting the Ultrasharp Webcam is also a breeze with both a tripod mount and a monitor mount included with the webcam.

The UltraSharp Webcam (WB7022) may just change how we use our webcams and what we use them for. It is now available in Australia starting at $379, and New Zealand starting at $424.