The image above was generated by a simple prompt in a WhatsApp chat – “I’m writing a news story about Meta ai now being available in Australia.. can you create a cover image that would suit this story??” – boom!

You can now summon Meta’s AI chatbot within WhatsApp (and other Meta Platforms) for simple questions answered, or generating amazing images from nothing but your prompts.

I haven’t been able to find Meta AI within Instagram or Facebook, but they tell me it’s here, or coming. To get it working in WhatsApp i had to do an App update, and then at the top of my chat list was the Meta AI search bar.

Meta AI is based on the company’s Llama 3 large language model, an advanced system to rival ChatGPT and Google Gemini.

Make no mistake, we are at the first moments of an AI race, and Meta wants this to be a big part of their future.

At their Developer announcement of Meta last year, it was shown that we will in time be able to “summon” Meta AI within existing chats, I can’t see that that works yet, but for now, the simple answers to questions you might be debating are at your fingertips

Of course, there’s also creative uses for AI – like, writing a poem?

I asked Meta AI this:

“Write me a short poem about how amazing technology is”

And got this:

Here is a short poem about technology:

With wires and circuits, a world is born
Connections abound, and knowledge is sworn
In silicon halls, innovation reigns
And progress unfolds, like digital rain

With every click, a door opens wide
To vast horizons, where dreams reside
The hum of machines, a symphony sweet
A chorus of wonder, at our fingertips meet

In this digital age, we find our way
Through virtual realms, to a brighter day
Where information flows, like a river’s stream
And the world’s wisdom, is but a dream.

Meta AI

And as well as generating the cover image for this story, I asked this:

“Imagine a golden sunset over a mystic lake”

And here is that image:

Whatever you use it for, Meta AI is there for you to play with today!

Just to be clear though, sometimes the images are a bit funky – as with all AI.

When I asked a few more times for more cover images, without text, here’s what I got: