Thanks to everyone who listened, and to all the callers.


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An interesting show, mixing Technology with NSW politics, hope it sounded ok!

Show Notes 006

Caller: Gaylene

Calling to follow up on a call from a couple of weeks ago when she had an issue with her Apple Mac which had deleted some of her files, photos etc.

Thanks to Fiona and her fantastic team at Apple, I was able to put an Apple Genius in touch with Gaylene to completely fix her problem!

The Apple Genius’ are just that!

Caller: Mark

Wanting advice on a Video Camera.

Mark has a new baby on the way.

I recommend taking a look into Camera house or Paxtons at a few different choices. Don’t expect great photos from a Video camera, or great Video from a Still Camera.

Personally I use a Sanyo Xacti, and it’s fantastic, recommend Mark compare that to some of the new Sony and Panasonic cameras.

Also recommend he consider the FLIP video camera which could be another option.

Commercial: Dial-A-Tech

Alan and his team at Dial-A-Tech are able to come and meet you and help with any computer problem 1300 669 202.

Caller: David (11.32)

Has been with Bigpond for 11 years. Has been advised that his email address has been lost. After combining his Foxtel, Phone and Internet it seems his account has been lost, so he needs a new one.

Frankly, I think its crazy, but have my thoughts that in fact David changed from ADSL to Cable etc, but to find out, I’ll ask the people at Telstra to get in touch and hopefully sort it out! Will advise.

Update: Sky News reporting that Nathan Rees has been Dumped as Premier of NSW

Caller: Alana

Alana loves her trusted well known brands, but is looking for a Digital Radio for her Grandmother.

It’s a really big problem for the consumers – who to trust – what works?

I advise that next year, some will come to market, including Sanyo, and likely Sony.

Yamaha, PURE, Saegem and iRiver are all trusted DIGITAL RADIO names and you shouldn’t fear looking at one of them for a quality radio.

Update: Nathan Rees has resigned – we have a New Premier☺

Caller; Beverley

Has a problem with Windows XP. The SEARCH box keeps coming up.

Tough one to help with. SO, I’m going to get Alan from Dial-A-Tech to give Beverley a call.

Also, a caller MICHAEL suggested it could be as simple as Beverley’s KEYBOARD. So perhaps a cheap quick check of that might solve the problem.

Caller; Harry

Calling from Ettalong Beach. Has Digital Radio reception at Ettalong Beach.

Bought a second Digital Radio today, PURE ONE $114 at Myer. Loves it. Also has a Grundig unit which is nice and available at Dick Smith.

People on the Central Cost shouldn’t jump out and buy a radio without checking you can return it if it doesn’t work at your hom.

Caller: Ali.

Works in the CBD in a High-Rise, can’t get AM in the building, wants to know if DAB will work.

YES – it should be great. But again – Check you can take it back if it doesn’t work.

LIVE CROSS; Kristina Kennealy – NSW Premier (26.30 in)

Discussion: Wikipedia – how trusty is it, but how FAST does it get updated! Amazing

Commercial: Dial-A-Tech, Offer to Small Business People, call Alan at Dial-A-Tech on 1300 669 202 and he will give you a FREE 1 hour consultation to discuss how he and his team can assist your business.

Caller: Bob

Has a ROBERTS Digital Radio, top of the line, $700+. Loves it. Also has a Yamaha which was priced similarly.

Highly recommends both, and is impressed by DAB+.

Discussion: Distance and your Family

How close are you to your family – not emotionally, but physically. Are you able to get together over Christmas. If not could the Internet help you? The Internet is powerful, and can bring you closer together. Worth thinking about.

If you are one of those people that might benefit from this kind of video linking and internet connectivity, over the coming weeks, I’d like to hear from you, to see if we might be able to bring you closer to your family this Christmas

Caller: Themis

Had an experience with Internet Video calling. Themis had a video chat with his girlfriend, he was on his Mac, with a 3G wireless broadband. His Girlfriend was in New York. It’s amazing how good this was, and how close it made him feel.

They were also able to ‘hook’ a third person into the conversation.


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Windows 7 has released a family pack – Details here.