Richard Branson is one hell of a self-promoter, which isn’t such a bad thing. He is known for his spectacular launch stunts across the world when he jets in and launches a new product or service.

For those passengers on board the Virgin Atlantic “upper class” who want a little bit more Branson it’s coming in the form of an ice cube. That’s right, Richard Branson’s face will be placed into your drink in the form of an ice cube.

His trademark goatee is even visible in the tiny sculpture, that is of course until he starts melting away.

What a classic Branson move. Genius on the part of the smart cookie who came up with the idea too.

Not sure how it would make me feel seeing Branson’s face floating in my Coke, but he’s certainly got his fair share of publicity today for what is the launch of a new in-flight bar on board the Upper Class Virgin Atlantic services.