With the iPad 2 on sale in the USA and selling out fast, we’re lacking on teeny tiny piece of crucial information here – the Price!

Following my pretty close guess the first time round, I thought I’d make some calculations again this time to predict the iPad 2 pricing for Australia

There are are a few factors at play in my pricing.  The dollar of course, but don’t expect this to play a huge role, there is still market scalability and overheads to be taken into account.  The recent MacBook Pro pricing differntial is another slight guide, although at that price level there is more room to move in the margins.  And finally, I do think that a ‘lower price’ announcement in this market will be a great win for the company in Australia.

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So, I think the low end will be at $599, and the high end at $999 – here’s how it shapes out:

iPad 2 – WiFi Only – 16Gb – $599

iPad 2 – WiFi Only – 32Gb – $729

iPad 2 – WiFi Only – 64Gb – $849

iPad 2 – 3G and WiFi – 16Gb – $759

iPad 2 – 3G and WiFi – 32Gb – $879

iPad 2 – 3G and WiFi – 64Gb – $999

Only time will tell of course, and I’d be expecting an announcement by mid this week to allow the pre-orders to commence online.

What do you think?