There were great memories as kids opening window 1 – 25 each day in December up to Christmas, each day getting one piece of chocolate to savour. It was the essential countdown to Christmas as children. While it is totally acceptable for adults to still do this today, we found a beery alternative you just might love.


The 2016 Beer Advent Calendar by Beer Cartel is a very exciting way to prepare for Christmas. The case of 25 beers is entirely a surprise (they wouldn’t even tell us what they were!) we do know that the beer collection is made up of local and imported bottles. You can expect beers from Australia, America, Belgium and Germany.


Each beer is individual, none are from the same brewery, they’re not all the same style of beer either, sizes range from 330ml to 500ml and most of the beers featured in Australia’s Hottest 100 Craft Beer poll.

The 2016 Beer Advent Calendar is available to order now online or in store. Check out for more information.