Anyone who knows style knows Bang & Olufsen. It’s the Dolce&Gabanna of the consumer technology world. And like Dolce&Gabanna has D&G, Bang & Olufsen is about to launch a more casual brand.

How casual can a company that sells $30,000 TVs and custom sound systems valued into the hundreds of thousands be? That’s yet to be determined as there isn’t much information around about the new brand at the moment. But EFTM has been told by a B&O representative that the brand is coming soon and will be focusing on “attracting new, younger customers.”

The “younger” part is not likely to mean stupidly affordable systems, but we’re confident you can expect a completely different line up that shares some of the same technology as the mother brand and comes with a decent saving in the hit pocket as well. We’re also thinking brighter colours and more alternative looks, something B&O couldn’t get away with too often with its extremely high-end products for high-end homes. We’ve been told that despite colour options in some of the ranges, the most popular colour still shifts between black and silver for B&O products.

The launch of the new brand makes sense in terms of Bang & Olufsen’s new corporate strategy. The B&O website states it will “Build one common digital technology platform as the future technological foundation for the Group’s products across its product portfolio.”  That really spells out sub-brand creation.

There is no date yet for the new brand to be launched (although we’ve been told to look out for early to mid next year) but it will be available in selected retail outlets (perhaps David Jones) and online rather than just in the Bang & Olufsen speciality stores.


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