Hate the idea of locking yourself into the Apple ecosystem, but really like the look of the watch-like iPod Nano? Motorola has come to your rescue with the Motoactv, an Android powered watch device to track your fitness performance and play you music.

With either 8GB or 16GB of internal storage hidden somewhere beneath its 1.6-inch touchscreen, the Motoactv also houses a GPS chip for accurately tracking your fitness regime, while Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ wireless connectivity allows you to pair with existing fitness sensors and Bluetooth headphones for listening to Eye of the Tiger on repeat (that’s what all runners do, right?). The device will also pair with Android smartphones so you can take and receive calls while on the go.

Motorola is also getting into the online fitness service, with results from runs automatically uploaded to Motoactv.com, which will also offer training tools and, presumably, downloadable remixes of Eye of the Tiger (okay, I made that last bit up).

Naturally, there’s no word on an Australian release yet, but it’s launching in the US on November 6, with prices starting at $US249

Price: $US249 (8GB); $US299 (16GB)
Web: Motorola