Want to improve your golf game without going to a course? Too wet to play outside? You’re a beginner and don’t want to start with the real thing straight away? Inner City Golf is your answer.

There are any number of reasons why you would want to have a crack at virtual golf indoors, but put simply, it’s just plain bloody cool.

We came across this while writing an article for Men’s Health magazine and it was certainly worth spreading the word. Inner City Golf is based in St Leonards, Sydney, and mixes virtual reality with… ummm… actual reality, to provide a great virtual golf experience that will also improve your game.

Inner City Golf isn’t just a big computer game. Rather, it features three state-of-the-art full swing simulators, four swing analyser driving bays and in-house professionals to help you out and give you a few pointers. Not only can you have lessons with the pros, you can also hop on any of 50 real world courses that have been accurately mapped out. How about 18 holes on Pebble Beach? You can do that here, and a whole heap more.

Prices start from $15 but go up into the hundreds depending on what features you want and whether you need some professional pointers or not.

Price: $15 for 30 minutes
Web: Inner City Golf