Pierre Boutros, founder and director of Millennius, has announced Millennius Motors. Like his other business, Millennius, the motors will be sold online and aim to heavily discount current bricks and mortar offerings. But will it work?

What do you mean you haven’t heard of Pierre Boutros or Millennius? Yeah, fair call, why would you have? When it comes to online anything, it’s Ruslan Kogan we all knows about. Well, Pierre Boutros is another Ruslan Kogan type chap, just not as famous. His Millennius online store pedals the same sorts of products categories as Kogan’s does with the promise of cheaper prices for buying online and direct. While Kogan began to go into home appliances, Boutros has decided to hit the motoring scene, first with scooters.

In his press release he states: “We have found that we are able to sell scooters more then half off the price of big brands like vespas, paggio etc. Such as 250cc Scooters for $10,000 and we are selling a 250cc scooter for $3490.” That was a direct copy and paste quote. And yes, he has spelt Piagio incorrectly and failed to capitalise the brands. He’s also used “then” instead of “than”. Should you be worried? Well, we’ll leave that up to you – not being able to spell doesn’t mean he can’t sell, he just needs to hire a copywriter. That Vuki guy on the Kogan account seems to be pretty nifty with a pen in hand! Now that we have made a comment like that, there is probably a spelling error in this story!

While Millennius Motors will start off with scooters, Boutros has promised to soon look into jet skis, boats and even cars. Feel like buying a Golf GTi online, it could happen – although the scooter brands so far don’t seem to be mainstream brands. As we went to press only a few scooters had been placed online.