Porsche are no strangers to the mobile phone game. But up until now, every Porsche handset has been all about style over substance, with design covering over unusable handsets with crappy UIs and slow processors. That should all change with the P’9981, a BlackBerry handset with Porsche’s unique styling.

The handset, which features a stainless steel frame and a hand-wrapped leather back cover, combines a customised user interface running over BlackBerry OS 7, with a 2.8-inch display and full QWERTY keypad.

8GB of on board storage (plus MicroSD slot for additional storage) and a 1.2GHz processor keep the phone humming along, while dual-band Wi-Fi and 720p video recording push the handset into competitive territory.

Each handset will have a unique identifier, only available to other owners, and will come with a custom and exclusive augmented reality app that uses the phone’s sensors to offer up to 150 million relevant points of interest.

Of course, just like the cars, all that Porsche branding doesn’t come cheap, with reports that the phone will cost somewhere around £1250 ($1,925). You probably need to love both Porsche and BlackBerry to spend that kind of money though.

Price: £1250 ($1,925)
Web: RIM