There are some amazing games out there for iOS – think Angry Birds, Flight Control, Real Racing etcetera.  But there are also some seriously weird but equally compelling games as well. ProtoSlice HD is one of them.

ProtoSlice HD is one such game – in it, the single objective of each level is to press a button on-screen.  The problem is, you need to do that without letting the on-screen blades slice your finger!  If you do, blood splashes all over the screen. It’s a great game for all ages! Sure, it’s not real, but as with many iOS games, because you really do feel the control with multi-touch you might just freak yourself out after too many levels.

Oh, and it’s no walk in the park either.  In just the early levels you learn this is like ‘Twister” for your fingers – finding a way to move 2-3 blades out of the screen to expose the button. You have to see it to believe it, here’s the introductory video from the team behind the game. It’s free in the App store, however you’ll be subtly asked over and over if you wand to play Slice SD – which is a cheap forerunner to this HD version.

Price: Free
Web: iTunes store