What a weekend! I haven’t shaved for three days, and have a hankering for some cheap wine. I hear that the Bimbadgen Estate has a special wine pack that could be perfect – especially given it was put together to celebrate icons of Aussie rock, Cold Chisel, and their sold out performance at the winery.

For $125, you get a choice of a commemorative white wine pack or a commemorative mixed wine pack, each containing six bottles. That puts each bottle at just over $20, so it’s not exactly cheap wine, but it’s still not exorbitant.

The wines and wine notes for each pack, as told by the Bimbadgen Estate website:

Cold Chisel White Wine Pack
Bimbadgen 2008 Chardonnay: Citrus characters and stone fruit aromas dominate the nose with cracked wheat and doughy elements. The oak is very subtle, adding a spicy granita character, yet still allowing the fruit and yeasty elements to dominate the wine.The refined and tightly structured palate is zesty, with mineral like acidity balanced by the nectarine and peach flavours. Ageing in older oak and on yeast lees have added an extra dimension of richness and phenolic structure to wine, but only enhances the flavour profile, rather than dominating it.

Cold Chisel Mixed Wine Pack
Bimbadgen 2011 Verdelho: Aromas of lime blossom citrus dominate with a touch of ginger spice. Fresh pineapple and passionfruit flavours with creamy sherbet flavours greet the palate and are well balanced with green apple acidity. Bimbadgen 2009 Shiraz Cabernet Merlot: This medium bodied wine combines the firm fruity flavours of Shiraz, the length and finish of abernet and soft, fleshy Merlot to produce a fruit driven, easy drinking blend of varieties made to enjoy now.

The offer is only available until November 18, or when stocks run out. Given the November 12 show has already sold out, iconic Aussie rock fans should probably jump on the offer sooner rather than later.

Price: $125
Web: Bimbadgen Estate