Mount the floor plan from your favourite TV show on your wall

Have you ever tried to sketch the layout of a house in your favourite cartoon or TV series? It’s not easy!  Well one Spanish artist has done all the hard work for you, and is making his drawings available to buy as artwork in your home or office.

TV floorplans being drawn

TV floorplans being drawn

These drawings are fantastic, the attention to detail is beyond your wildest dreams, making scale floor-plans of TV shows including all the fittings, furniture and accessories.

The complete set are available to view on the artist’s Pintrest page and he’s selling large prints of each one (65x40cm) for around $105.

Hand drawing of the Jerry Seinfeld Apartment from Seinfeld

Hand drawing of the Jerry Seinfeld Apartment from Seinfeld

These would make a great addition to your walls.

The artist Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde describes the drawings as “Handmade drawings inspired by sets of the TV series. Adapted as real apartments in accordance with the distribution, dimensions, proportions and furniture of each series.”

Buy: Etsy
Web: Pintrest



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