Some of the best Aussie chefs are seriously masculine men. Matt Moran, Luke Mangan, Barry O’Sullivan, George Calombaris… ahhh, anyway. Kitchenaid’s new products would go well in any man’s kitchen.

The new Platinum Collection range is all about mixers, blenders and serious colours. Some of those colours are not so masculine (gay, straight, both, you really shouldn’t be buying the Raspberry Ice colour!) but be wise with your choice and you’ll get a retro styled kitchen appliance that will make your pad’s kitchen look awesomely modern.

Included in the Platinum Collection is a Stand Mixer in eight colours, a Blender in five colours and a Coffee Maker that comes in silver only. Grab the Stand Mixer and it will come in a two coat premium finish (go the Medallion Silver, Black Storm or Electric Blue) and a glass rather than metal bowl. The bowl capacity is up to an impressive nine cups of flour.

According to the press release, every Stand Mixer “…includes three basic accessories: a flat beater for mixing batters or mashing potatoes; a dough hook for kneading everything from soft dough to stiff pizza dough; and a wire whip for beating egg whites and whipping cream.”

The new Blender has the same two coat finish that includes the Medallion Silver, Storm Black and Electric Blue option. It comes with an ice crushing feature and 7,000-10,000 RPM blade speed – let’s see your car do that! You own a Ferrari? Oh, OK, ignore what we said.

Finally, the Coffee Maker is a 12 cup thermal carafe coffee maker available in Contour Silver. It keeps freshly brewed filter coffee hot for hours.

You can grab the new Kitchenaid Platinum Collection in stores now.

Prices: Stand Mixer $799, Blender $379, Coffee Maker $215
Web: Kitchenaid