Aussie short film festival sensation Tropfest will hit New York City again in June 22-24 2012. Organisers have confirmed the Tropfest Signature Item for the event and will shortly confirm the venue as well.

The Tropfest Signature Item for Tropfest New York will be the bagel – how original! If you’re not in the know about the Tropfest rules of engagement, it’s basically independent film makers creating seven minute short films (including start and end credits) that feature the signature item in them. The festival began 20 years ago in Australia and is now in the throws of mass expansion.

Recently Tropfest debuted in Abu Dhabi as Tropfest Arabia. It took place in front of a capacity crowd of 12,000 people outdoors in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Submissions were received from 33 Middle Eastern and North African countries. Other cities that have or will soon host Tropfest include Singapore, Las Vegas, China and Paris.

“Over the past 20 years, Tropfest has been an incredible platform for rising Australian filmmakers to get their start in the industry,” said Hugh Jackman, an official ambassador of Tropfest. “I’m excited to support this competition as it comes to the US. There is no other springboard in the world that showcases short films in front of such a massive audience and I look forward to seeing the shorts for Tropfest New York.”

The merits of Tropfest are in the alumni. They include Sam Worthington (Avatar, Last Night); Joel Edgerton (Warrior, Animal Kingdom); Alister Grierson, the director of the James Cameron-produced Sanctum; and Tony Rogers whose Tropfest short, Wilfred was the origin of the U.S. TV series of the same name starring Elijah Wood.

Tropfest was founded by award-winning actor and director, John Polson, as a short film festival for friends and family at the Tropicana Café in Sydney, Australia. For those of you that can’t get enough of the Tropfest action, you can check out its YouTube channel filled with stunning short films.

Last years Tropfest winner was a particularly controversial one. Directed by Damon Gamaeu, it was under three minutes in length and, well… watch it below to find out.

For more info on Tropfest visit the website or YouTube channel.