Running today is more than just getting fit by moving quickly from A to B. You can add music, count your calories, track the kilometres you’ve travelled and so much more, especially with the miCoach SPEED_CELL from Adidas. It adds a whole new dimension to training.

The original Adidas miCoach device was much like the Nike+ iPod solution except that it worked with any shoe and any MP3 player straight out of the box. Now Adidas has improved on the formula with the miCoach SPEED_CELL. It tracks 360 degree movement that can be collected and shared online with friends and the Adidas community.

Like the original, you don’t need Adidas shoes to use this, although it does fit perfectly on the sole of the new adizero F50 runners and boots. When you use the miCoach SPEED_CELL it measure six different areas: speed, maximum speed, number of sprints, distance, distance at high intensity and time. Once you have completed your workout you have instant access to all the data by transferring it directly to your mobile phone. You can also sync it to a computer.

The Adidas online community is more than just stats though. Sign up and you get to customise an avatar that will represent you and your performances in the virtual world. This avatar gets loaded up with all the stats and data you collect while using the miCoach SPEED_CELL so you can compare it with others online, who will also have avatars to represent themselves.

It’s particularly cool for fans of the round ball game (that would be soccer/football – whatever you deem is the correct term) who have the adizero F50 boots. Stick the miCoach SPEED_CELL into the sole of the boots and you can track your movement 360 degrees, logging all the data so you can watch your avatar recreate your performance.

The miCoach SPEED_CELL, adizero F50 runners and adizero F50 boots are available now.

miCoach SPEED_CELL – $100
adizero F50 Runner, powered by miCoach – $160
adizero F50 Boots, powered by miCoach – $300

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