We’ve all had our moments trying different razors or shavers over time, and often you revert to the old classic blade.  After using the BRAUN Series 7 I’m not sure I will ever go back to the blade. Seriously.

Let’s be clear – this is a luxury.  At $549 you’ve got to want it, or be in the market for a gift for the man who has everything, including seriously untamed facial hair.  I’m not going to try and calculate the cost of razors and shaving cream over a 10-year period to demonstrate that this thing will pay for itself or something like that.  If you need that kind of calculation the Series 7 is not for you.

However, if you’re looking for an easy, smooth shave and the convenience of not having to clean up around the bathroom sink and wash blades or shavers all the time – the BRAUN Series 7 ticks all the boxes.

The model I’ve been using is the 790cc which comes with a large powered base unit, battery status on a digital display, fast clean mode, active heat drying and unique personalisation modes. The other Series 7 models share some of these features, but not all – so when you see different models and different prices, be sure you’re getting what you were after.

Out of the box you get the sense this is a quality product, it doesn’t feel like it’s made from cheap plastics. Set up proves to be pretty bloody simple too. Your large base unit plugs into the wall, you install a small cartridge of liquid into the base unit which will be used in the cleaning process, power it up and throw the Series 7 in for its first charge.

Designers have spent some time on this too, rather than having the shaver itself just stand straight out of the base, it sits on a gentle angle which is both strange and oddly attractive.

There are two metal contacts on the back of the shaver which allow for the unit to charge when docked, and the battery status indicator on the bottom of the shaver (which points up when docked) gives you an indication of charge. They claim you can get 50-minutes of use before it needs to be plugged in again – which I guess is between 5 and 10 shaves most likely

The other noticeable features of the shaver are the intensity buttons allowing you to move up and down a sliding scale of ‘sensitive to intense’ shaving with the press of the two buttons.  And of course the single click power button which fires this baby up ready to shave. You’ll notice straight away when you bring the shaver to your face that the head of the shaver tilts around allowing it to stay at 90 degrees to the face despite any angle on your hand which helps give you the best possible shave.

It’s important though to note this is not a simple swipe and shave device.  No powered shaver will do a good job if you just rub it over your face.  Even the manual for the Series 7 goes to great lengths to suggest you shave before washing your face (showering) and to also stretch your skin slightly and shave against the direction of beard growth.  This goes entirely against what the Queer Eye for a Straight Guy chaps who recommend shaving with the grain – but that’s mainly for manual blades.

You’re also told in the manual that it could take up to three weeks for you to get the best results, and I can actually tell you that’s spot on.  This morning I got a really great smooth shave without much effort and I can only put that down to continual use. It’s the same with most electronic items. Burn in time is a must.

I’m a pretty lazy chap at the best of times, so a once a week shave with a blade was my routine and I was happy with that.  These days I wouldn’t go more than a day without shaving, its so easy! As I said, you can’t just rush it – you still need to work your skin by stretching it to allow the best results, however it is most certainly a fast and clean shave compared to the whiskers all over the sink and shaving cream mess of the past, so your wife/partner/girlfriend should be happy too.

I should note also, that on the front of the shaver itself is a quick release clip that pops out a simple little trimmer so you can keep those side-burns under control, or to trim your beard if things do get a little out of hand between shaves.

When you dock the shaver it will tell you how ‘hygienic’ it is on the base of the shaver and the base unit will tell you how ‘clean’ it is. You just press a single button and it goes on its merry way cleaning itself.  Basically the shaver turns on and some of the cleaning solution is flushed through the head making it spotless for your next shave.

I won’t lie – $549 is a big price for a clean and comfortable shave.  Of course you’ll find it better in store, but – let me tell you, if you can afford this for yourself or for a friend or family member, they will love it and most likely never look back.  Highly recommended.

Refills for cleaning solution in the base unit will set you back around $20 and should only be required every 3 months or so.

Available at all electrical outlet and major department stores, you can also call Braun on 1800 148 022 for stockists.