It had reverse cameras, digital instruments, a navigation system and the look of an angry Ferrari – but this was a Holden. And this was 1969!

The Holden Hurricane (codenamed RD 001) was unveiled by General Motors at the Melbourne Motor Show of 1969. It showed everything that Holden engineers and designers were capable of and gave an astoundingly accurate glimpse into the future of motoring. Now it’s been restored for the world to perv on again.

Featuring stunning looks and cockpit instruments that put the Bat Mobile to shame, the Hurricane was powered by a 4.2 litre V8 engine with four-barrel carburetor. In the end it managed to output a massive 262HP. The engine gave birth to the V8 that was seen in many Holden models from late 1969 onwards.

But what really impressed people at the time was the navigation system. This was no satellite navigation situation, this route guidance system relied on magnets embedded in the road. Called Pathfinder, it would guide the driver along the desired routes thanks to these magnets – probably giving you much better guidance through built-up areas than sat nav does today!

Thanks for the tip, Craig.