Don’t leave all the Christmas Shopping to your wife or the last minute, get in on the action with some great ideas for kids. Apple of your own eye, niece, nephew, cousin, whatever. Here’s some great ideas that are sure to please.

I will admit, this is a little bias toward the boys, but this is ‘Everything for the Man’ and our boys are the future men. However, I hope you’ll find not only these ideas of interest, but perhaps also the sites they are on where you can find even more great ideas.

Interactive Play Rug: $159

There isn’t much more fun than getting down on the carpet and playing cars with your kids. Grab yourself one of these though and it will be extra special. This detailed interactive rug isn’t just a pattern on a carpet, it has texture to it which makes it a little more real and fun to play

There are four designs for girls and boys: farm, traffic, playing way and dollhouse, with a choice of colours and sizes available to match your child’s room.

Where: Urban Baby

Remote Control Helicopter: $99.95

Every kid loves a remote control, and who doesn’t love a remote control helicopter. Jaycar Electronics has introduced its biggest unit yet, and its under $100. This chopper is 77cm long, 30cm high and 13cm wide. That’s nothing small! Well worth a look – certainly more impressive than those tiny little things you see in the supermarkets!

Where: Jaycar Electronics

The Original Slinky!: $9.95

$10! Seriously, this should be a requirement in law that every child has a Slinky. What life can a kid live without the joy of a slinky. There’s nothing more to say!

Where: Australian Geographic Shop

Pop Up-A-Rocket: $14.95

This is a cracker. My son has one of these. It’s simple as they come, a foam rocket (two of them), and a launch pad with a simple tube and pump. All that’s left to do is load the rocket onto the launcher, jump on the pump and the air pressure from your jump thrusts the rocket into the air! Launches up to five metres into the air, and will give the kids loads of good times.

Where: Australian Geographic Shop

Cubby House: $999

Don’t know about you but I can’t see myself grabbing 4x2s from Bunnings and knocking together a tree house or cubby house any time soon, so the thought of getting a top notch cubby house is a great relief. These aren’t just any old Cubbys though, at just shy of $1,000 you’re basically buying an extension to your house – be surprised if it didn’t require council approval.

Great quality, great themes, if you’ve got the cash and the space, what a great one for the kids.

Where: Hip Kids

Retro Gaming iPhone/iPod docs: $25+

I’ve got to be honest, I think I’ve left the best till last here. What do you get when you take a classic old gaming console, controller of geek goodie and cut a hole in it for an iPod/iPad cable? Retro iPhone Docks. ETSY is a place your wife will certainly be familiar with, but have a good look around you’ll find gems like this. There are loads to choose from, so if you want to introduce your kids to something special – check out Geek Unique at ETSY

Where: Geek Unique @ ETSY