There comes a time in most men’s lives where the dreams of owning a Ferrari and living on Sydney Harbour with their own yacht fade. They’re replaced by finding a family car that is cheap to run and easy to scrub child spew off. Enter the Toyota Prius v.

While we can’t vouch for ease of child spew clean up, we can give you the details on Toyota’s latest addition to the family. The Prius v is a stretched version of the ground breaking Prius. It is a seven seater that takes the Prius technology further by using a lithium-ion battery instead of the nickel-metal hybrid battery currently in use.

It is 135mm longer, 30mm wider and 100mm higher than the Prius hatch with the wheelbase extended by 80mm, making it possible to fit a third row of seats in that Toyota says will be able to accommodate adults, not just children. Toyota also states that it is a complete redesign of the Prius, not just an extended version.

Not that it really matters (seriously, you’re buying a hybrid after all), but you’ll be getting 100kW out of the Prius v, “a 73kW 1.8-litre Atkinson Cycle petrol engine and a powerful 60kW electric motor [for] total system power [of] 100kW,” says Toyota.

The Toyota Prius v will go on sale in May with the Prius c city car. No pricing details were divulged.