In Las Vegas at CES we have found a new and improved version of the D-Vine from last year. D-Vine is a product that resembles the Nespresso model. Essentially, instead of coffee pods, you have single glass tubes of wine. Instead of a coffee machine that heats the water etc the D-Vine takes the vile of wine, detects the style of wine, adjusts the temperatures and pours it through the machine exactly as the vineyard recommends.


The new D-Vine we are seeing this year adds a couple of great features from the prior model. The first thing we noticed was a large LCD touch screen. This is now a very interactive machine. From the screen you can search your collection of wine stock, you can tell the machine what you are eating and it will recommend a wine based on what you have available. You can also reorder wine through the machine also.

The other features through the screen include being able to watch videos about the wine you are drinking while it is being prepared and looking to order. It all works very smoothly and is very intuitive too.


The D-Vine service sources wine from all over the world however the product itself and it’s services are only available in Europe today and the US in the first quarter of 2017. We are waiting for the day that they arrive to Australia so that we can have the Nespresso ecosystem sorted for our coffee and wine.