It’s almost summer and with that comes beer and BBQ’s. But when it comes to doing it properly you need the right meat.

So, where does a man turn to for some advice? Well sure, you have your own ideas but here are a few from Darren O’Rourke, friend of Victorinox and the Head Butcher of Victor Churchill and Vic’s Meat.

First everyone has an idea about seasoning the meat, sauces and what else should go alongside it.

When prepping salads and veggies, Darren uses equipment he can trust;“A man is only as good as his tools, so I always have a Victorinox Paring Set for the fiddly bits. Irritating tasks like removing seeds and slicing veggies for charred skewers become a breeze with the right gear.”

Everyone has their own cut of desired meat. Darren says for succulent choices like ribs, you’ll be trimming and separating. Given this is a hands and fingers on process you’ll want to make sure you don’t lose a digit.

Darren uses a Victorinox Boning Knife for precision,“The curve and sharpness of the Swiss blade cuts to the chase, ensuring the best quality and preservation of your meat.”

To prepare the meat best to run with the following gear from Victorinox.

Paring Knife Set, 3 piece, $34.95 (left), Fibrox Boning Knife, $51.95 (right)

“The fun thing about gathering around a BBQ is getting out of your comfort zone. Experimenting with the smoky flavours and different food groups is the best bit about barbecuing!”

But here is a crucial tip I reckon every bloke has an opinion on, “Putting holes in your meat is like popping a blow-up pool… All the fun spills out! When rotating and lifting produce, I use a long and sturdy Victorinox spatula or the side of a BBQ fork. This ensures all the moisture and juices are kept inside the meat safely.”

Spatula, $54.95 (top), Carving Fork, $47.95 (bottom)

Keen on a burger and fast well guess what, here’s another pearler.“Believe it or not, pushing down on the patty while they’re grilling does not speed up the process. If you resist this urge, you’ll be blessed with a much tastier and juicier burger.,

I think most people understand a nice piece of meat needs to rest after a good grilling. Darren says that should be one third of the time spent on the grill.

Then for the perfect slice of whatever meat you’ve knocked up Darren says,“My weapon of choice for a seamless cut is the Victorinox Slicing Knife with a fluted blade. This sword cuts to perfection and the grooves prevent meat from sticking to the knife,”Darren says.

Slicing Knife – Fluted Blade – Wide, $129.00