Finally! Chopsticks every man can master

True story: I was 25 before I mastered the ancient art of chopsticks. Before that fateful day, I feared the ridicule of family and friends whenever I ate in Asian restaurants. If only the Chork had been around in my youth, I would never have suffered the embarrassment of repeated dumpling failure in public.

The Chork is exactly what its name implies – a cross between chopsticks and a fork. The disposable utensil begins life like any other pair of cheap, disposable chopsticks with one key difference – the end is shaped like a fork. Pull the fork apart, however, and you have a pair of functioning – if a little weird looking – chopsticks.

Admittedly, the Chorks are monstrously ugly, and there’s probably a really good (if unrelated) reason to leave any Asian restaurant that serves you food with a pair of these, but from a purely functional point of view, the Chorks could offer some level of salvation to uncoordinated folk like myself.

Price: $US4 for 12
Web: Chork
Via: Gizmodo

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