Want to jump on to the bicycle bandwagon but don’t want to look like every other Lycra wearing rider out there on Aussie streets? Jelly Bean Bikes have a solution that will put some colour into your ride.Like Mojo Bikes which we covered months ago on EFTM, Jelly Bean Bikes is in the business of completely customisable rides, just with a sweeter name. There are differences though, such as the colours that can be used and the types of rides that are available, but to put a very general spin on it, Jelly Bean Bicycles will provide you with a hipster/urban style bike that is best used around town rather than off the beaten track.

There is only one bike you can purchase really, but you have the option of equipping it with a three-speed gear solution, a fixed gear or the very trendy free-wheel option. If it were our money we would go for the three speed as it gives you that little bit of help you may need if you come up against a slight incline but also is simple enough to not get caught up in itself if you change gears too quickly or forget to keep peddling while you do.After that, the fun really starts. Jelly Bean Bikes gets one up on Mojo when it comes to colour selection. There is a really diverse range of largely vivid colours. You could co for an all white example or perhaps splash some red, pink, orange, green, yellow or even some pastels or chrome around. There is a huge range of options but some colours are only available on certain parts of the bike.

Getting a bit confused? Don’t worry, you can get Jelly Bean Bikes to help you out with colour selection. Simply click on “Show me some combos” and you’ll be greeted with some preselected options that work really well together.A basic Jelly Bean Bike will cost you $499 and most colour options are free. Even when you add extras such as chrome, the price doesn’t go up much at all. A three-speed box will set you back $129 though but that will be the biggest add on… and you don’t have to add it if you don’t want to.

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