Known best for their little interactive sphere robots that have brought joy and code learning to millions of kids who own them and who use them at school or places like Apple Stores – RVR the programmable Robot

I’m not entirely sure why they need to use Kickstarter for this one, they’re doing very well as a company, have successfully launched retail products like all the Star Wars Droid products and the Lightning McQueen car – feels a bit like a lack of confidence that it will sell?

Proof is in the pudding they’ve already had almost double the amount they wanted pledged in just a day!

However, a Kickstarter also connects them directly with the first owners of . the product which would prove valuable in product development.

Either way, for $199 you can get yourself a ready-to-drive fully programmable robot this September!

If you get in quick, you’ll also go into the draw to visit Sphero’s HQ in Colorado USA.

RVR (Rover) is ready to go out of the box, meaning it’s not a complex thing for the kids.

“RVR is the kind of robot I wish I had growing up,” said Adam Wilson, Sphero co-founder and chief creative officer. “For makers, developers and anyone who loves to build things, RVR’s advanced capabilities bring to life everything that makes coding exciting. That creative experience is at the core of why we first started Sphero.”

With colour sensors, light sensors, infra-red, magnetometer, accelerometer and gyroscope the possibilities for programming and coding this little guy are limitless.

“This is truly a professional-level robot, without the hefty price tag,” said Wilson. “By connecting your hardware of choice to the expansion port, the customisation possibilities are endless and entirely up to you. For example, you can hook up a camera to RVR and program facial recognition to do a dance every time your best friend walks by.”

The kickstater can be found here.