Mates Rates: Guy stuff on Scoopon all weekend

Those daily deals sites offer some pretty good savings, but finding a manly bargain can be a bit like finding a slow leak in your tyre. Scoopon is changing all that this weekend with their man-up promotion.

Starting at midday today, there are a heap of blokey deals on offer:

How about spending a weekend with the boys beer tasting, joy riding a Porche or heading off the beaten track to go fishing. Let the food and drink flow freely ($2 pints, beer and cider delivered, all you can eat pizza, sticky rib pork ribs) and with it endless rounds of golf, challenges and tall stories, for a weekend away with the boys.

Hopefully there will be something for all kinds of men, but keep your eyes on it for some hopefully awesome bargains.

Web: Scoopon

Nick Broughall is the Australian Editor of, where he gets to indulge his passion for geekery and the lastest technology. He is also the Editor of, where he gets to indulge his passion for manliness, from sampling fine liquor to the joys of growing a beard. It’s a pretty good life, really.

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