Keeping your house clean is such a chore. Thankfully, robots are picking up the slack so you don’t have to, with Samsung releasing its second generation Navibot robot vacuum cleaner in Australia.

Previous robot vacuum cleaners have always been restricted by a limited amount of space for storing all the dust and pet hair they suck up in their random path across your floor.

The new Samsung Navibot gets around this by adding a two litre container to the base station, which sucks out everything the robot vacuum collects as well as cleaning the vacuum’s brush.

The Navibot works by combining a heap of on board sensors to stop it from falling off staircases and getting caught on rugs with a camera on top that takes 15 photos a second to track its location around your house. On board processors are clever enough to discover tougher to clean areas and focus on those, as well as returning to wherever it stops when it needs to charge its battery.

There are two options in the new Navibot lineup – the premium version worth $1299, and a $1099 version that lacks the extra capacity in the base station. It’s a pricey option for a vacuum cleaner, but nobody ever expected the robot revolution to come cheaply.

Price: From $1099
Web: Samsung