Keep your fingers crossed that Michael Gray’s HSV R2 buggy becomes reality. This nifty sports car/motorbike cross over not only looks amazing, but it’s environmentally friendly as well. It’s entered into this year’s James Dyson Award.

The super light-weight vehicle has room for two people so you and a mate can go powering around the bush or over a few sand dunes in your spare time. The best part, and really the only technical stuff we know about the vehicle so far, is that it is battery powered. But before you put it in the pile of other battery power vehicles which are boring or go only to the shops and back before needing a charge, get a load of this – you can change the battery pack to give it additional range. Problem solved!

According to Gray, you can also attach a trailer.

“The idea behind this trailer was to extend the utility of the HSV R2 by offering adventure-seekers the opportunity to carry camping items, and equipment like mountain-bikes and surfboards,” he said. “The trailer offers lockable storage and switchable cold-storage, for cold-beverages and safe storage of perishables on weekends away. The trailer contains interchangeable battery-packs, which can be charged via plug-in to a power socket, as well as output power for accessories such as mobile-phone chargers.”

VIDEO: HSV R2 Car-Bike crossbreed

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