The devastating tsunami that hit Japan last year not only took thouasands of innocent lives, but also an estimated 5 million tonnes of debris. Like this Harley Davidson, that washed up in Canada a couple of weeks ago.

The bike, which was severely rusted from its trip across the ocean floor, was found inside a battered white trailer, alongside some golf clubs, camping equipment and tools. Despite its rust and battered appearance, the motorcycle was still in one piece, despite being dragged across the ocean floor for almost a year.

Today, it was announced that it was Japanese man Ikuo Yokoyama who had lost the bike during the Tsunami, although its loss paled in comparison to the loss of three members of his family and his house. After the original story broke, he was tracked down by a local Harley Davidson rep, who has announced Harley will ship the bike back to Japan and hopefully fix it up for him.

It’s a rare story of good news from the devastating disaster last year. Hopefully Ikuo Yokoyama will be riding his bike again soon…

Web: CBC
Via: Gizmodo
Image: Peter Mark/CBC