South and West Australians don’t had to worry about the annoyance of peeling off and reapplying rego stickers to their cars, and as of January 1 2013, New South Welshmen (and women) won’t have to either. Huzzah!

Barry O’Farrell announced the move yesterday, stating that police will use technology like automatic licence plate checks to ensure vehicles are properly registered instead of the rather low-tech sticker solution that’s been in place since 1932.

The NSW decision follows West Australia, which ditched the stickers in 2010, and South Australia, which followed suit in 2011. Queensland has also discussed the possibility of making rego stickers a thing of the past.

Apparently the decision will save the government about 10 cents per registered vehicle, which would add up pretty quickly, even though the new ruling will only apply to light vehicles.

Still, it’s progress, and progress is good, right? Is anybody actually going to miss sticking their rego sticker on their windscreen?

Image: woody1778a Flickr