Origami Stroller

Origami Stroller

At CES earlier this year something took my eye which I’ve not yet reported.  It probably only took my eye because I’m a father of three and prams are an important purchase for all parents.  So what could a pram be doing at the largest Technology show in the world?  Simple – it was tech packed and geek baby heaven.

Origami Stroller

Origami Stroller

The “Origami” is made by American brand 4moms but it’s taken 5 months for any Australian availability to be confirmed.  So the time is right to show you this amazing piece of kit.

This pram has headlights.  Yep – daytime running lights like the fanciest of new cars make you and your baby more visible at all times, while path lights turn on automatically in low-light conditions.  Up on the handles you’ll find an LCD dashboard showing you the temperature as well as trip and lifetime odometer – so you’ll know how far you’ve gone each and every trip.

But those are just added benefits, the real party trick of the Origami is the self-folding.  Push or twist one button and the Origami folds itself down.  When folded – push the same button and up it comes.  Something you can only understand with a video perhaps

Yes you saw that correctly, within 3-5 seconds the Origami is down and the same again to get back up. Parents who are just moving their kids out of prams (like me) will be kicking themselves that these weren’t around “back then”.

New parents rejoice – this little beauty will be available from July here in Australia thanks to distribution from CNP Brands.

Retailers are not yet confirmed but the price is – $1499.95 – yep, you read that right.

To put that in perspective you’re looking at $1559 as an RRP for the bugaboo Cameleon2 (if you don’t know don’t ask) so this isn’t actually an extraordinary price.

And to top it all off – worried about how those lights and self-folding mechanisms will work if the battery runs flat? Worry no more – the Origami is self-charging, so every step you take every turn of the wheels is charging the batteries for you. Brilliant!

If all of that isn’t enough – you can plug in your USB cable and charge your phone too!

Price: $1499.95
Web: CNP Brands (1300 667 137)