For two days this weekend The Vic in Marrickville is set to host the Kraken Karnival. Showcasing the Kraken Black Spiced Rum throughout the event you’ll taste it in food and cocktails. If you can make it to the event, here’s what’s in store, for those who can’t – here are some recipes…


The Kraken Hot Dog 

The buns are made from a food grade activated charcoal powder which is mixed with water then incorporated into the dough and then baked in the oven at Fuel bakery. The Kraken spiced rum is reduced slightly to create a thicker, sweeter mixture that is poured over the onions whilst they are BBQing on the grill. They cook the smoked sausage, place it into the bun and then top it with the Kraken infused onions.


Half rack of our slow cooked pork ribs which have been marinating in Kirsten’s Kraken Spiced Rum marinade for over 24 hours to allow all the spices and flavours to absorb into the meat. The ribs are then char grilled over hot coals in a fire pit to create a sweet & smokey flavour. Served on quirky slaw.

 The Kraken Espresso Martini

  • 30ml Kraken
  • 10ml white cacoa
  • 30ml coffee
  • Sugar syrup
  • Large ball of Persian fairy floss

Kraken Squid Bite

  • 1 part Kraken (30mls to be poured into cups – not placed in the urn)
  • 2 part cider to 1 part apple juice
  • Cinnamon stick and cloves piercing the skin of one orange
  • Ladled into cup and served warm and steamy

If you’re keen to attend the event at The Vic, tickets are free by registering here, otherwise, pick up some ingredients and DIY.