There’s a reason you see professional athletes slap on the lycra before they start their workout. And it’s not just to hide their beer guts, although it turns out that’s a nice side benefit.

Having just launched in Australia, Comprexa offers medical-grade compression wear to Australian men of all shapes and sizes. With the bold claim of being able to “instantly sculpt, define and tone your flabby body into the physique of a Greek god”, the Comprexa menswear is made from 49 per cent lycra, ensuring a snug fit.

This snug fit not only holds in the looser parts of your body, it also wicks away moisture thanks to the embedded CoolMax fibres, which allows you to wear them all day, every day, not just while you’re working out (although they’re apparently good for that too).

And if all that’s not enough, the compression will also help posture correction for blokes with lower back pain.

Of course, we don’t blindly believe these claims, so we’ve asked for some samples to test out over the coming weeks. If you can’t ait for out hands on impressions, prices start at $65.45, with both long and short tops and pants available in black, white or beige.

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