Australia is the best country on earth. There may not however have been a great deal of thought in all the names for the places in the country. A new map of Australia takes the time to highlight towns, locations and landmarks which you may have never heard of and frankly, will be surprised to hear even exist.


Some examples from this map of Australia include:

  • Lovely Bottom (TAS)
  • Titwobble Lane (VIC)
  • Ram Well (WA)
  • Peculiar Knob (SA)
  • Pisspot Creek (TAS)
  • Gropers Gully (VIC)
  • Big Knob Waterhole (NT)
  • Son Of A Bitch Spur (VIC)
  • The Boobs (NSW)
  • Mount Meharry (WA)


Father’s Day is coming up and this may look perfect on the wall, innocent from a distance and laugh out loud once you pay attention. For map lovers it will be a unique piece and for those overseas, they simply won’t believe it or in some cases not understand it!


While Aussie’s use the map of Tassie to refer to other things, the image above shows the insane places in Tasmania. If you’re planning a road trip it would be amazing to visit and see the street signs in this state of Australia. Satans Lair for lunch followed by dinner at The Nipples perhaps. This is gold.


The 66cm x 66cm map is available now for an RRP of $49.95 at