Google isn’t backing down on its promise of augmented reality glasses, dubbed Google Glass. Less than three months after the project was first announced publicly, the company has shown off the glasses in the coolest way possible – with a live skydiving demonstration at its annual I/O conference in the US.

During the conference keynote, Google boss Sergey Brin demoed the new technology by crossing live to a group of skydivers, all wearing the special glasses. As the crowd of media and developers watched on, the skydivers leapt from the plane, and shared their first hand skydiving experience with the conference floor using a Google Plus video hangout.

As you can see from the video, the footage is spectacular, and although it doesn’t showcase any augmented reality information, who knows what will happen when it gets into the hands of developers.

Even more exciting than the demo though was the confirmation that the special glasses are actually going to make it to market. Google is offering them for pre-order now to US-based developers for $US1500, with plans for them to hit the consumer market for a drastically reduced price in 2014.

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